Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Helpul Advice for Teachers and Parents

The website, education.com is a very helpful website for teachers or for anybody who spends a lot of time with children. This website provides valuable information regarding new research on schools and learning abilities of children. This website provides many articles dealing with learning disabilities, what programs are good for students, and signs to look for in a child’s learning and interactions. This site can be very beneficial to teachers who want to improve their abilities as a teacher and want to help their students more. This website provides good information on different ways for a teacher to be more available to students and what mindset to have towards children. This website provides up to date research on various studies done on a child’s attitude towards school which allows the teacher to have a better understanding. This website also has a large amount of articles that are very effective for parents. It allows parents to know more about what is going on in schools today and allows them to know more of what they should be aware of in their child’s learning.

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